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Kind Words from Clients

My husband and I were blessed to have Heather at the birth of our baby girl. She is such a sweet, caring person, she helped me through the admission process. When my husband did arrive a few hours later, he was exhausted from working double shifts that week and needed to sleep so Heather stayed awake by my side, helping with anything and everything I needed throughout the night. She was my voice when I felt I had none and such a strong yet loving support, in addition to my husband, when the time came to give birth to our baby. She was a comfort to me from the time we arrived at the hospital and throughout the entire experience to the very end. I am so grateful to have had her by my side. I would highly recommend her doula services to anyone wanting a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate birth support person.


Heather was amazing! She was available and answered any questions we had.  She is the perfect combination of professional and  personal.  She made the labor and delivery process so much more relaxing and helped me find a confidence in myself that I didn’t know I had.

Sarah B

I cannot express how grateful I am for Heather’s help and support for my wife and I during the birth of our  daughter. She was comforting, understanding, and caring throughout the whole birth experience. She was a great help to both of us. I would absolutely recommend her to other expectant fathers because having her there took a lot of pressure off of me and I worried less because I knew my wife was in good hands.


Heather was an amazing and fantastic doula for my daughter’s birth. She is very experienced and tailors your child birth experience to your needs. She is very patient, attentive and helps you be in better control of your body to have a natural birth. She takes the entire family’s concerns into consideration and works with your birth plan every step of the way. I am happy and pleased to have her as my doula and would recommend her to everyone. I would love to have her as my doula again for my next birth. She did an excellent job.

Jamila D

Our 11.5 lb baby boy was born naturally at our midwife’s home on October 2, 2016 and we were blessed to have Heather with us. She went above and beyond to be by my side and help me through every issue I faced throughout the pregnancy, during the birth and even after the birth. She’s been an amazing, invaluable support for our family and I’d highly recommend her services to all expecting parents!

Nadine M

Having Heather as part of our birth team brought me a great sense of comfort. I had a homebirth but I felt relieved having someone by my side who would remind me to believe in myself and stand up for what I wanted should a hospital transfer have become necessary. Heather has a fun, relaxed personality and a great knowledge base to help with decision making. My husband was deployed and his homecoming date was very close to my “guess date.” Heather was the perfect fit for us because she was able to support me as I needed it but was also comfortable simply holding space so my husband and I could enjoy the birth of our second baby. She also encapsulated my placenta for me and I love my cord keepsake that she made! Heather is an amazing doula, childbirth educator, and just all around wonderful person! I would definitely work with Heather again and am so grateful she was part of our special day.

Brittany C

Heather was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She encapsulated my placenta for me, and she was prompt picking it up & returning it to me. She went above and beyond answering my questions & providing me with details. I highly recommend her services! It’s nice to have these options in the area.

Devin H

I had a wonderful experience with Heather Whitcomb as our doula! She led us through 6 weeks of birth classes that had us well prepared for a natural hospital birth. She was a great resource in the delivery room and I was glad she was by our sides💗 You won’t regret having a doula!

Sarah G

Oh my sweet Heather. I highly, highly recommend Heather’s classes & doula services for childbirth. Her classes were super informative and armed us with the knowledge we’d need to feel confident during the birth and like we were aware of all of the various ways it could go. The classes offered us so many coping strategies for the birth, and we used many of the techniques she taught us. Having her at the birth also gave my husband a lot of confidence as well. She arrived very quickly to the hospital and was always very fast to respond to any questions I had leading up to the big day (and after — including troubles with breast feeding). She constantly refilled my water, made sure my needs were being met and often communicated with the nurses on my behalf so I didn’t have to. With this second baby, I truly got the birth I desperately wished I could have had the first time around. If you’re looking for a peaceful, beautiful birth, you should consider hiring Heather. My husband was a doula skeptic prior to our first birth, and was a bit more open this time. However, after having seen how well our second birth went, he now tells other men how important hiring one is — he felt so good having her there, and so did I!

Emily S

Heather is knowledgeable, encouraging, and kind! After taking the 10-week comprehensive course we feel so much more confident to handle any challenges that come our way. The classes were packed with information and so enjoyable week after week! We had our last class yesterday and both agreed that we’re going to miss our meetings with Heather! I cannot recommend taking a class with Heather highly enough. You won’t regret the added confidence and peace of mind that comes with feeling more prepared! 


 It has been just over a year since I finished Heather’s class and left a glowing review. I wanted to check back in to give a more specific testimonial of how crucial Heather’s guidance and support was throughout my labor, birth, and postpartum experience.

I am eternally grateful that we took Heather’s advice and enrolled in the 10-week comprehensive class. Even though my partner and I were dead set on our planned home birth, Heather advised that we could never be too prepared. Because of this we took a course that covered laboring and birthing at home, birth centers, and the hospital. We discussed different interventions and how to manage the various stages of labor and birth in each situation. We left the class feeling confident, if not over-prepared.

After 24 hours of broken waters and on and off labor, I had to transfer to the hospital. Although I didn’t anticipate having a 60-hour labor complete with IV antibiotics, 35 hours of pitocin, and an epidural, I was able to feel confident throughout the process, largely due to Heather’s education. “Over-prepared” was the new “prepared” and I felt so empowered knowing what to expect at every twist and turn.

My partner was able to physically support me and advocate for me in ways I doubt would have been possible without Heather’s education. My primary goal was to feel like an active participant during my son’s birth, instead of feeling like his birth was something that was happening TO me. The knowledge from this course was instrumental in helping me achieve that goal.

I can’t thank you enough, Heather. If you’re on the fence about taking this course or hiring Heather as a doula and you’ve read this far..I could not give her any higher of a recommendation!! ♥️

Danielle G

5/5 stars. Before taking our birth class, I felt I only had base knowledge of labor and birth, a lot of which was likely influenced by popular culture and anecdotal evidence. After our ten week class, I’m constantly sharing information I learned with friends and co-workers, but most importantly I feel educated and ready. I am confident I will be an effective and supportive partner for birth as well as the life to follow. Thanks again, Heather!

John D

My husband and I just wrapped up a 10-week Birth Boot Camp class with Heather and I cannot recommend it enough! Not only was the class itself comprehensive, but Heather makes it super fun! There’s so much to learn about pregnancy, labor and birth that it can seem so overwhelming, but Heather has a way of making things so easy to understand. By the end of the class, you come out with sooo much knowledge and feeling prepared for anything that can happen. I am so incredibly grateful to Heather and the impact that she and this class had on my pregnancy and our expectations for labor and delivery. 💚

Chellsie W

I am especially thankful for my best friend, Andrea. Who took care of me and made sure I was happy and healthy throughout my pregnancy… who came to weekly birth classes led by an amazing woman, Heather Whitcomb. Her birth boot camp I highly recommend to any soon to be mothers and partners.

Heather B

Butterfly Birth Services will attend home, birth center and hospital births in the following counties: Schuylkill, Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Luzerne and Dauphin. Service area includes but is not limited to, Pottsville, Danville, Bloomsburg, Lewisburg,  Hazelton, Wilkes Barre, Hershey and Harrisburg Pennsylvania.   Please contact me if you are unsure about the service area.

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